Tuesday, June 2, 2009


the best graduation gift i could ever get... scuba certification! me, karl, and teryn all got certified and i wish i had more pictures to show everyone how amazing it was, but these are the few i have. after the pool certification i wasnt quite sure if i would really like it, but i sure was wrong. i even got a little seasick (ok really seasick) the first day of diving, but still loved it. we saw everything... eels, turtles, a spotted eagle ray (which apparently is different than a manta ray but they look the same to me), and tons of fish. awesome... just awesome.

first day in the pool. we loooooove wetsuits.

before the first real dive. do i look like im about to start puking in about 20 minutes?

this was our instructor mel. she gave us handshakes underwater whenever we did good things. we loved her.

thanks richard & angie!


this is funny. enjoy.

thanks clark t.

i'm way behind

alright... im way behind on posts so i think im just gonna do a few posts these next few days because if i tried to slam everything ive been doing into one it would be WAY too long and i know none of you have the attention span for that, not to mention that just seems too overwhelming for me. So, first up... graduation night and the best show of my life... Jenny Lewis

As anybody that knows me can attest, her voice is what I'm listening to 90% of the time (in fact as i'm writing this i'm thinking i want to listen to her right now), so if you don't know who she is, I recommend finding out. Seriously the best show of my life, and my last day of school ever. PERFECT day.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my life for the next two days

So this is pretty much what my life is going to look like today and tomorrow. Since the wonderful president of our school decided to do away with finals week, tomorrow I have two huge projects due, two presentations, and two finals. The good news is after that I am officially done with college. The bad news is I might have a heart attack from drinking enough sugar free redbull to kill a person from staying up for two days straight.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


so what do i get for hanging out with a sick person all weekend??? i'm sick. and it sucks. big time. its nearing the end of the semester and i really need all my energy, especially since me and karl just started our new workout routine... is it alright to work out when you're sick?? the general consensus on the internet is that if your symptoms are above the neck (which mine seem to be so far) that its ok to exercise at a reduced rate, and it may even help you get better quicker. however if they are below the neck to stay away from exercise and just rest. but there are people who disagree with both of these statements... does anybody have any advice??? because i really would like to look like one of these girls in the coming months and i dont want this sickness to get me off track! blah!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

april 10th will be the best day of my life

last day of college + jenny lewis = best day of my life

couldn't stop smiling when i found out about this one

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

st. patties

Happy St. Patties Day!
Thanks to Karl for reminding me to wear my green today.